19/08/2022 – Traceability in the supply chain

Säntis Textiles expands into traceable fibre technology

Säntis Textiles is a strategic development partner of FibreTrace. The aim of the partnership is to work alongside FibreTrace to develop a unique traceable ID specifically for its RCO100 fibres, yarns, and fabrics.


A core part of Säntis’ growth strategy is developing fibre tracing technology for its recycling technology, RCO100. © Säntis Textiles


The partnership is rooted in both companies’ approach to delivering quality and integrity at scale, to future proof supply chains and to provide the end-consumer with the opportunity to choose a transparent and sustainable supply chain to follow and purchase from.

FibreTrace technology gives brands 20/20 vision of their supply chain at every step from sourcing of raw fibre to store, combining physical and digital technology to provide unparalleled intelligence. It is indestructible through the entire textile supply chain, auditable and traceable in real-time, verifies brand claims, builds trust, and engages the consumer.

Creative Director at Säntis Textiles, Annabelle Hutter, commented on the partnership: “With an increased appetite from brands around the globe wanting to adopt more circular approaches, we are keen to support ongoing steps towards enhancing the longevity of the industry as well as the planet for the greater good of future generations.”

Säntis Textiles is developing long-term resilience in the marketplace and supporting the education of consumers with regards to the benefits of a circular textile economy and what can be achieved with recycled technologies, specifically RCO100. RCO100 technology works by taking pre-consumer industrial waste and post-consumer cotton garment waste to produce 100% recycled cotton yarns without the use of chemical processes or regenerated fibres.