Supply Chain


Stefan Böhler. © flexport

29/09/2023 – Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Supply Chain

The Critical Value of Data Quality and the Role of Digital Forwarders

The supply chain in the fashion industry is undergoing a redesign. At the heart of this change is artificial intelligence (AI), which holds tremendous ... Stefan Böhler

S.Oliver Group supports organic cotton through direct supply chain to India. © Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA)

20/09/2023 – s.Oliver Group

s.Oliver Group

Traceable supply chain up to cultivation

The s.Oliver Group helps nearly 400 farmers in India to grow organic cotton through the Empowering Farmers program. This will be used from the spring/summer ... By  Katja Keienburg
Meist gelesen textile network-EN KW 37

Companies consider textile recycling as the solution to solve problems associated with clothing waste. © Future Market Insights

At this point, we present the five most read articles of the past week. The ranking is based on your click behavior on the website. By  Sven Ramer

The digital supply chain is no longer a futuristic concept; it`s a reality, moving fashion at the speed of digital culture, and offering a path towards a more sustainable, responsive, and profitable future. © Kornit

31/08/2023 – Kornit Digital Europe

Kornit Digital Europe

Benefits of a digital supply chain

The fashion and textile industry faces significant challenges in terms of sustainability and efficiency, with an analog supply chain that`s slow-moving ... By  Christine Heywood

Containers with goods from the Far East: The price for transporting a standard 40-foot container from Asia to North Sea ports has dropped below 1,200 Dollar, depending on the relation. © Ian Taylor

08/08/2023 – Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Retailers order significantly fewer goods

The consumer shopping surge for Cyber Monday and the holiday season is expected to be absent, as reported by the supply chan experts from the Bochum-based ... By  Anna Ugrica

Reminding of food traffic light labelling: By entering a few data points, brands can generate an initial PEF score which is valided by TrusTrace data. © Peftrust/TrusTrace

06/07/2023 – Collaboration


TrusTrace and Peftrust offer Lifecycle Assessment Solution

The partnership caters to the needs of fashion brands seeking complete traceability and environmental impact assessment solutions. By  Christine Heywood

Leading Indonesian export-oriented apparel manufacturer successfully goes live with “Centric PLM”. © Busana

05/07/2023 – Software


Busana: Process Optimization with “Centric PLM”

Busana Apparel Group, a leading Indonesian export-oriented apparel manufacturer, successfully implemented “Centric PLM” (Product Lifecycle Management) ... By  Christine Heywood