06/01/2021 – New denim fabric Shaped'N Relaxed — auf Deutsch lesen

Lycra and DNM Denim have partnered

The Lycra Company and DNM Denim, a leading Turkish Denim producer, have developed a fabric with increased comfort.


The new fabric Shaped’N Relaxed offers shaping and comfort. © The Lycra Company


DNM Denim’s revolutionary new fabric collection “Shaped’N Relaxed” brings together Lycra Beatuy gtechnology and Lycra Freefit technology to offer consumers customised shaping as well as increased fit forgiveness and comfort, all in one fabric.

The Shaped’N Relaxed fabrics are made with an open structure which gives a very gentle soft stretch, suiting a broad fit window due to the use of Lycra Freefit technology, but at the same time provides the exceptional shaping properties of Lycra Beauty.

Comfort and shaping

“We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of denim fabric”, states Gokhan Unsal, Deputy General Manager of DNM Textile. “Thanks to this smart collaboration with The Lycra Company, we can now offer our customers a new generation stretch fabric, with a unique technology that understands how stressed it is, as it expands and can provide extra support to areas where it is needed.”

  • The collection offers gradient levels of stretch and fit, detailed for each fabric on a Comfort Map, developed after rigorous testing by The Lycra Company.

  • This helps designers to choose the perfect fabric for their garment’s needs.

“In order to help brands an manufacturers meet the consumer’s demands, we needed to push the boundaries of denim innovation. Using DNM Denim mill's weaving knowledge and expertise to extract the best out of The Lycra Company denim technologies, we created a trail-blazing all-rounder fabric that provides brands and retailers with a secret weapon. The all-in-one solution addresses buyer dissatisfaction, especially in the online retail environment where fit is a big issue, ultimately leading to a more seamless online purchasing experience and consumer brand loyalty,” states Cem Karaboga, Sales Manager at The Lycra Company.

Furthermore, the Shaped’N Relaxed collection is made with sustainable materials and can be specked with Lycra EcoMade and Lycra T400 EcoMade fibers. Both DNM Denim and The Lycra Company are passionate about constantly looking at ways to improve their offerings to address customer's needs and for a more sustainable future.

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