15/08/2017 – 7th mtex+2018 — auf Deutsch lesen

Discover Chemnitz (new)!

International Exhibition for Technical Textiles on 29-30 May 2018 in Chemnitz, Germany: Compact, intensive, effective and international.


© Wolfgang Schmidt


A special exhibition with protective and safety textiles / “health.textil” exhibition on medical, health and wellness textiles / mtex+ being held alongside the LiMA lightweight design exhibition / “futureTEX” joint project provides information on digitalised production / Cooperation forums with Eastern European partners / 16th Chemnitz Textile Technology Conference / “go textile!” for young professionals and specialists. The 7th mtex+ International Exhibition for Technical Textiles, which will be held in Chemnitz in Germany on 29 – 30 May 2018, is an innovative exhibition that provides value added for engineers, designers and managers from every potential user sector.

“We’re acting in accordance with the suggestion made by exhibitors and trade visitors to the 6th mtex+ and we’re inviting people to a compact and highly effective two-day event for the first time in 2018,” says André Rehn, Head of the Exhibitions Department at C³ GmbH, Chemnitz: “It’s becoming increasingly important for users in very different sectors to familiarise themselves with the many potential fields of application for high-tech textiles. We offer the ideal platform for this with our meeting where everything is on the spot and with in-depth personal contacts. The key topics at the exhibition are functionalised textiles, smart textiles, method and process development, manufacturing and recycling composites as well as checking, certifying and protecting from plagiarism. Well-known providers will present innovative textile solutions for protecting people and natural surroundings as well as mobile and immobile goods at a special exhibition. We’re also continuing the collective exhibition known as “health.textil” with medical, health and wellness textiles, which was very successful in 2016. The major players in “futureTeEX”, the largest joint textile project in the Federal Republic of Germany, will graphically demonstrate how digitalised value-added chains work in Industry 4.0. We’re also preparing cooperation forums with foreign managers, particularly from Eastern Europe.”

The 2018 mtex+ will be held alongside the LiMA lightweight design exhibition in line with the motto “Technical textiles meet lightweight design”. “We were an exhibitor in Chemnitz for the first time in 2016, we made an amazing number of valuable contacts there and we even won the mtex+ Innovation Prize. The closeness to the LiMA proved very beneficial. There’s no doubt that we’ll be there again in 2018,” says André Lang, Managing Director of the international non-woven fabrics manufacturer Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH, Mildenau.

Dr.-Ing. Jenz Otto, Managing Director of the North-East German Textile and Clothing Industry Association (vti), which is based in Chemnitz, points out the extraordinary performance potential of the Saxon/Thuringian textile cluster, in which textile production, textile engineering as well as research on textiles and composites are continually generating outstanding achievements. “Chemnitz is the centre of the largest industrial and technology region in Eastern Germany and is therefore a destination that is worth visiting for exhibitors and trade visitors from Germany and abroad. That’s why our partner association ATOK based in Prague and the Czech cluster for technical textile, CLUTEX, have announced from our neighbouring country, where this kind of exhibition does not take place, that they’ll be attending in force once again.”

The 16th Chemnitz Textile Technology Conference, which the exhibitors are expecting more than 300 trade visitors from Germany and abroad to attend, also forms part of the exhibition event – as does the awarding of the mtex+ Innovation Prize, which will be presented for the third time in 2018. Special activities for school pupils, students and specialists, who can obtain information about career prospects in the textile sector, will also be held under the slogan “go textile!”.