Freudenberg ist mit etwa 300 verschiedenen Produktgruppen, die in PKWs zu Einsatz kommen, wichtiger Partner der weltweiten Automobilindustrie. © Freudenberg

21/03/2023 – Textilien im Automobil

Textilien im Automobil

Erfolgsfaktor mit dem Fokus auf mobile Zukunft

Textilien spielen in der Automobilindustrie eine zunehmend noch wichtigere Rolle. Eingesetzt werden diese als Natur- oder Chemiefasern von Anbeginn in ... By  Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh

The automatic drawing-in machine ”Safir S32“ can be used flexible in the weaving mill: directly at the warp beam or in other technical areas like drawing in delicate glass yarns. © Stäubli

08/03/2023 – Weaving in the automotive sector

Weaving in the automotive sector

Stäubli offers solutions

The interiors of virtually all automobiles would be unimaginable without technical textiles. They enable progress, the use of better materials, weight ... By  Anna Ugrica

Sustainable car of the future. © Fraunhofer IAO

06/02/2023 – Circular Economy in the automotive industry

Circular Economy in the automotive industry

Tool supports the development of recyclable components

The Cyclometric tool is designed to ensure that all parts used are recyclable already during the development of automotive components. By  Sibylle Michel

Jumbo-Textil offers campers premium textile storage and fastening solutions. © Jumbo-Textil

27/01/2023 – Automotive


Textile solutions for every camper van model

If you are a camper on the road, you have a lot of things with you: from toothpaste to coffee cups. Textile holder systems help you stow everything away ... By  Sibylle Michel

Die drahtlose Heizfolie verarbeitet zu einem beheizbaren Rollstuhlpolster. © Ansmann

28/12/2022 – Technische Textilien

Technische Textilien

Ansmann stellt erste drahtlose Heizfolie vor

Eine neuartige, überhitzungssichere Heizfolie mit konstanter Wärmeverteilung haben die Experten für Akku- und Ladesysteme der Ansmann AG entwickelt. By  Sibylle Michel

Freudenberg is driving the customer’s global fuel cell activities forward, thereby also accelerating the breakthrough of mass-produced fuel cell stacks. © Freudenberg

20/10/2022 – Energy transition

Energy transition

Freudenberg concludes contract with automotive supplier

Freudenberg has concluded a multi-year contract with a global automotive tier one supplier to supply gas diffusion layers for fuel cell stacks. By  Sibylle Michel

The Airbagliner from Global Safety Textiles enables complete repair of defective sewer pipes. © Global Safety Textiles

09/09/2022 – Repair of sewer pipes

Repair of sewer pipes

OPW hose for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Digging up or exposing defective sewer pipes with an excavator, hoe and spade is no longer necessary with Global Safety Textiles’ Airbagliner. By  Sibylle Michel