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Intertextile Apparel attracted 80,533 buyers to Shanghai

The spring edition of Intertextile Shanghai was well received with its online and hybrid solutions parallel to the physical show.


The Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Spring Edition, March 17 – 19, 2021, brought together nearly 2,600 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions and 80,533 buyers. © moofushi/stock.adobe.com


Exhibitors’ responses

  • “Intertextile is the industry’s most important trade fair in China, so we’ve been participating for many years. We have brought the latest prints sent over from London to showcase at the fair. Today the visitor flow is high and we’ve seen a lot of brand designers and fabric directors, who are all decision-makers.” Guanlian Yuan, Chinese Agent, Design Union, UK

  • “Celeli has joined Intertextile for many years because it is a large-scale, professional exhibition with a good reputation. The fair is an important channel to discover new customers and since the pandemic, it has brought the industry together to create more opportunities for business exchange. As a high-end fabric supplier, we saw that pandemic restrictions had led to the increase of high-end fabrics in China. In the future, I think the domestic demand for imported fabrics will continue to grow and that Asian markets, especially China’s, have huge potential.” Leanne Li, Operations Manager, Celeli (Shanghai) Trading Co Ltd, China

  • “Intertextile is an influential and well-known platform for the industry and we are able to discover the latest trends here. To target the market changes amid the pandemic, we have brought functional products including anti-bacterial viscose fibres and plant-dyed fabrics which match the current industry trends. Our export business is gradually recovering and we are optimistic about the future development of the industry.” Lynn Bao, Marketing Executive, Bros Eastern Co Ltd, China

  • “We have brought our new S/S 2022 collection including our main hemp based range to the fair. We have focused on hemp because it is a sustainable material and naturally has anti-bacterial properties, making it a globally popular product right now. Because of the relatively quick recovery and rebound in the Chinese market, we have focused on the domestic market over the past year.” Jackal Tsang, Regional Sales, Orta Anadolu, Turkey

  • “The fair is very effective for promoting our brand and our booth had an estimated 300-plus visitors yesterday. As the current trend is about environmental protection, our products are made with recyclable and eco-friendly materials and they meet the biggest sourcing needs in China. After participating in last year’s Autumn edition, we have increased our domestic sales and so we intend to participate in the August edition as well as the November edition in Shenzhen this year.” Yonghui Zheng, Manager, Shanghai IRIS Garment Accessories Co Ltd, Japan

  • “Our embroidery products have been particularly popular this year, and we have already received orders of more than 1,000 yards ready to be produced. Our customers all placed orders directly and we received orders with a total of around RMB 200,000. We welcomed about 30 groups of customers, and among them 12 groups were new.” Robert Wang, Senior Manager, Wedtex Industrial Corp, Taiwan

  • “Relaxing, comfortable, easy-care and eco-friendly products are the major trends now and the fair can help us explore these hot topics, which is one of the reasons why we continue to participate after 20 years. We are showcasing our latest knitted and sportswear fabrics and have met with our most important customers in China that always come to the fair. Overall we are very optimistic about the Chinese market. I also saw that Intertextile is allowing exhibitors to promote online and for a period longer than the fair too, which I think is nice.” Hong Cui, Director of Sales, Vitale Barberis Canonico SpA, Italy

  • “Many brands that sell online, offline or both, and including some well-known domestic brands for ladieswear have already visited our booth. Our latest products include a lot of eco-friendly fabrics, as well as fabrics that absorb sweat and are thinner and breathable. We participate in Intertextile every year and have noticed a rebound of customers at this edition. Overall our booth has been popular with both new and existing customers, so we are satisfied.” Jing Ren Li, Department Head, R&D Textile Co Ltd, Korea

  • “Amid the pandemic, we collaborated with HeiQ from Switzerland and added their antibacterial treatment to Weba’s products to cater to pandemic-related trends. These products are already in use in Europe and the US to make masks for the general public. The fair is an effective, prestigious platform for the industry to receive different customers in a centralised place over a short period of time. We can gather with existing customers while it is convenient for new customers to find us as well.” Zheng Liu, Product Manager, Alumo AG, Switzerland

Buyers’ impressions

  • “As a supplier of mid to high-end women’s clothing brands, we have specific requirements for fabrics. Intertextile offers a rich variety of fabrics and gathers many outstanding exhibitors, which helps us achieve our goals easily and efficiently. So far, we have met several suppliers whom we would like to place orders with. With the increase of healthy lifestyles due to the pandemic, recycled, environmentally friendly and antibacterial fabrics will become major trends for the industry.” Lin Chen, Fabric Developer, Brand Retail Division, Ever-Glory International Group Corp, China

  • “As the largest and most influential textile trade fair in China and even Asia, Intertextile is one of the trade fairs that I must visit every year. Through the new Hybrid Showcase display area, I discovered a high-quality supplier, Sateri, and I will continue communicating with them after the fair. Intertextile plays an indispensable role in keeping up with industry trends, such as regenerated, natural, eco-friendly and protective products. I think these are the future direction of China’s market and even the global industry.” May Wu, Fabric Purchaser, CPAX Ltd, China

The next edition of Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, the 2021 Autumn Edition, will be held from 25 – 27 August concurrently with Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles – Autumn Edtion, Yarn Expo Autumn, CHIC and PH Value. Intertextile Apparel is co-organised by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd; the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT; and the China Textile Information Centre.