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Sustainability at Jumbo-Textil

Sustainable management – that can mean many things. For Jumbo-Textil, this term involves economic, social and ecological aspects.


Jumbo-Textil offers first-class, sophisticated technical narrow textiles and is intensifying its efforts towards greater sustainability. © Maygutyak/stock.adobe.com


The company seeks to be successful as an enterprise. It takes its social responsibility seriously – as an employer, as a partner in the supply chain and as part of society as a whole. And it strives for a business approach that does not burden our environment and climate.

Living responsibility

Safety, fairness, respect... In its guidelines, Jumbo-Textil has documented how the company wants its employees to work with each other and with its partners. The importance the company attaches to the well-being of its employees is not only reflected in occupational health and safety and in its daily interactions; Jumbo-Textil also expresses its appreciation in the form of free lunch, sports courses and back training.

Meaningful use of resources

Meeting environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001 is a matter of course for Jumbo-Textil in terms of ecological sustainability. In addition, the intent is to make the value chain more eco and climate-friendly – from the raw materials through production to waste disposal.

Reinforcing the circular economy

For textile manufacturers, ecological sustainability begins with the raw materials. Initial samples have been developed from recycled materials. The experience gained with these materials and the feedback from customers are very promising. The objective: technical narrow textiles made of natural or synthetic fibres, which are made from one hundred percent recycled materials. By means of various measures, Jumbo-Textil has reduced its textile waste by 26 percent. This, too, is a contribution towards meaningful use of resources. Many of the products are also certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Reducing the carbon output

Jumbo-Textil plans its trips in such a way that travelling is minimised. The vehicle fleet consists of modern, economical vehicles with the latest technology and efficiency class A. It is quite possible that the next fleet will run on electricity. Or on hydrogen.

In the canteen, Jumbo-Textil only offers a meal with meat once a week. An all other days, the employees are served meat-free meals. After a short while even the sceptics enjoyed the change. Plus, the change reduces the carbon footprint.

Protecting biodiversity

At Jumbo-Textil, numerous insects and animals on the large wildflower meadow around the headquarters do their part to protect biodiversity. This year it will be enlarged even further: the town of Sprockhövel is providing the land, and Jumbo-Textil the seeds.

Rouven Dreypelcher, the environmental coordinator of Jumbo-Textil:

“Living sustainability as a company is an ongoing task, a continuous process. At Jumbo-Textil, we always keep an eye on our sustainability goals and regularly check whether our measures are suitable for achieving them.”