Solution partner of the automotive industry: With Jumbo-Textil’s textile components, a lot of noise can be avoided right from the outset. © Jumbo-Textil

11/11/2020 – Narrow-textile solutions

Narrow-textile solutions

Jumbo-Textil: Avoid disturbing noises inside the vehicle

Disturbing noises inside the vehicle? Wherever textile solutions are used instead of metal, plastic or rubber in the vehicle, things are quiet. By  Iris Schlomski

Secure fastening of face shields and face masks – with elastic narrow textiles from Jumbo-Textil. © Jumbo-Textil

14/07/2020 – Elastics for health protection

Elastics for health protection

Jumbo-Textil: Premium narrow textiles for protective masks and face shields

A good part of the orders lost due to the pandemic was compensated by elastic tapes for respiratory protection articles. By  Iris Schlomski

Jumbo-Textil offers first-class, sophisticated technical narrow textiles and is intensifying its efforts towards greater sustainability. © Maygutyak/stock.adobe.com

03/06/2020 – High-tex solutions – for customers and the environment

High-tex solutions – for customers and the environment

Sustainability at Jumbo-Textil

Sustainable management – that can mean many things. For Jumbo-Textil, this term involves economic, social and ecological aspects. By  Iris Schlomski

The innovative technical textiles from Jumbo-Textil are high-tech solutions with outstanding properties. © Jumbo-Textil

23/01/2020 – Rubber ropes as a replacement for steel springs

Rubber ropes as a replacement for steel springs

High-tech solutions by Jumbo-Textil

Hugely resilient, enormously hard-wearing, extremely precise in their elasticity: The advantages of elastic narrow textiles. By  Iris Schlomski