14/12/2020 – ViralOff zippers — auf Deutsch lesen

YKK and Polygiene: No more viruses in the zipper

YKK presents the first zipper with Viraloff Polygiene antiviral treatment on the tape.


YKK presented its first ViralOff zippers at the Italian trade fair Lineapelle “A New Point of View” on September 22/23, 2020. © YKK


In order to ensure the consumer can safely purchase a garment, YKK has developed a line of zippers with tape treated with Viraloff a technology patented by the Swedish company Polygiene, an important global reality for the hygienic treatment of garments which, applied in the finishing phase, eliminates 99 percent of viruses on fabrics in about two hours.

Viraloff offers additional benefits

The chemical components are eco-sustainable and the treatment of fabrics with an antibacterial product such as Viraloff encourages a reduction in the frequency of washing of the garments, prolonging their life cycle and the consumption of energy, water and chemical additives. Always faithful to the philosophy of the “Cycle of Goodness”, which places corporate responsibility, transparency and respect for others at the center of every business decision, YKK is now focused on contributing to the containment of the contagion that even a detail such as the zipper can offer to counter the spread of viruses. The detail, moreover, is the protagonist of the motto that completes the YKK logo “Little Parts, Big Difference” and in which the Group has invested for more than 80 years.

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