Die umweltfreundliche und zukunftsweisende Veredlung AcroPlating von YKK Stocko Fasteners – beeindruckende Einsparungen an Energien und Emissionen und frei von toxischen Stoffen bei Premeo Basic. © YKK Stocko Fasteners

03/02/2021 – Nachhaltigkeit – Nachgefragt

Nachhaltigkeit – Nachgefragt

YKK Stocko Fasteners: Sind ihre Druckknöpfe eigentlich auch nachhaltig?

textile network wollte wissen: Frau Kaiser, sind ihre Druckknöpfe eigentlich auch nachhaltig? By  Iris Schlomski

New snap fastener dimension Premeo Flat-S1from YKK Stocko Fasteners. © 2019 YKK Stocko Fasteners GmbH Wuppertal / Germany

02/02/2021 – The revolutionary flat snap fastener system

The revolutionary flat snap fastener system

YKK Stocko Fasteners presents Premeo Flat-S 1

Premeo Flat-S 1 is not only ultra-flat, but also extremely light and especially comfortable. A completely new fastener dimension! By  Iris Schlomski

YKK presented its first ViralOff zippers at the Italian trade fair Lineapelle “A New Point of View” on September 22/23, 2020. © YKK

14/12/2020 – ViralOff zippers

ViralOff zippers

YKK and Polygiene: No more viruses in the zipper

YKK presents the first zipper with Viraloff Polygiene antiviral treatment on the tape. By  Iris Schlomski

“The collaboration with YKK enriches our userss options and supports the level of detail and precision we are committed to delivering from design to production,” says Amit Ben-Sheffer, VP Products at Optitex. © Optitex

25/05/2020 – Digitalisation


Optitex partners with Top Zipper Manufacturer YKK

The collaboration will help speed the production process and increase accuracy. The YKK products are available to Optitex users since recent version O/19.5. By  Iris Schlomski