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Ze-Knit: the future of apparel

Napapijri has embraced product innovations that improve the lives of their consumers while making a meaningful contribution to the world.


Ze-Knit is a line of contemporary everyday wear based on ergonomic design principles that focus on the body’s movement to improve comfort and functionality. © Napapijri


This mind-set is rooted Napapijri’s DNA, and is expressed in the brand’s research to sustainable manufacturing alternatives that could also unlock new design possibilities. The most recent example of this is the launch of Napapijri’s latest innovation, Ze-knit.

What is it

Ze-Knit is a line of contemporary everyday wear based on ergonomic design principles that focus on the body’s movement to improve comfort and functionality. Ze-knit garments are digitally knitted to increase comfort through body zones that provide control and support where you need it.

The collection features items for men and women including jackets, trousers, jumpers and even an overall. Available in either black or blue, the collection presents a form fitting, refined aesthetic.

The technology behind it

The Ze-Knit innovation is made possible by computer controlled knitting technology that, similar to 3D printing, knits items following a digital path. With garments knitted from a single yarn rather than a piece of fabric the technology removes many of the historical production limitations from the hands of the designers giving them the flexibility to use various materials, coatings and colours at any stage of the design.

Application of the technology

As a result, the FW18 Ze-Knit collection has multiple functionalities that are literally weaved into the design; ergonomic flex points around the joints allow the items to move in tandem with the body greatly improving comfort, elsewhere boiled wool, a fantastic natural insulator, is used in varying quantities to align with where the body needs it most and finally an odour-capturing yarn coating is placed in the underarm to prevent odours escaping.

Environmental Impact

Aside from producing great products with enhanced performances, Ze-knit’s production process reduces raw material waste by up to 30 percent compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, because computer-controlled knitting technology shapes the garments directly into panels ready to assemble.

Unlimit the future

The launch of Ze-Knit paves the way for Napapijri to move from a mass production to a demand supply model where every item is made to order, eliminating unnecessary waste. The digitisation of the design and production process allows for mass customisation with every element of the design being able to be tweaked from body dimensions to the materials used. With complete garments made in one machine, production can be placed closer to the demand, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of every item.

Ze-Knit allows Napapijri to envisage a not too distant future where a user can order a fully customisable item that is made from scratch and delivered within 24 hours.

This intersection between ergonomic performance and sustainability marks another milestone in Napapijri’s journey to “Make it Better”.

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