21/12/2016 – Heimtextil Trends 2017/2018 — auf Deutsch lesen

Exploring new worlds

Heimtextil 2017 takes its visitors on a journey into the unknown, full of exciting discoveries and fascinating curiosities.


Natural Explorations (Photos: Carlin International/Heimtextil, Messe Frankfurt)


Planetary Explorations

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“Explorations“ – this year’s motto and leading trend at the Theme Park from 10 to 13 January 2017 – will be brought to life by the French trend agency Carlin International under the guidance of Exalis from Berlin. The team is also the creative mastermind behind the accompanying Trend Book and the new website.

Trend researchers are following the ambitious call for exploration and their desire to discover uncharted territories. “Inspired by the “Explorations” theme we have set out to find materials, textures and elements that bring innovations to life. The results were surprising combinations of fabrics and other materials that created something new as well as the discovery of an unexpected sensuousness in natural elements,“ says Natalie Weinmann of the design agency Carlin International/Exalis. The new Trend Book along with the fair’s Theme Park will spark visitors’ curiosity, encouraging them to embark on an investigative journey through groundbreaking ideas in manufacturing and novel marketing strategies.


Virtual Explorations

Digital processes open up new possibilities of interpreting transparency. The iridescent holographic shimmer of films and silks is reminiscent of reflections in water. Extravagant floral patterns, embroidery, jacquards and lace take the spotlight. Technical materials are given a seemingly poetic and sensual flexibility through organic structures gleaned from the natural world. Colours are vivid and aqueous in their appearance.

Cultural Explorations

New emerging urban multicultural influences are also shaping developments in interior design. Traditional methods and technologies are being modernised and combined in new ways, resulting in luxurious state-of-the-art modifications. Pigment colours meet urban tones in a universal ethnic look.

Planetary Explorations

New materials are infused with protective properties and thus far unfamiliar textures. Distinctive voluminous fabrics with a lunar feel serve as soft protecting shells while new wipe techniques create delicate structures of mineral-like fineness. Light and dark colours offset and complement each other as they shift between bright white and ashen.

Natural Explorations

Nature leads the way in urban reinvention as interiors are entering into a symbiosis with the natural. Textures imitate the effect of natural fibres, such as wood or bark-like reliefs and structures, becoming detailed reflections of nature. Lush greens along with wood and earthy browns dominate the colour palette. Today more than ever, the use of natural materials in industrial manufacturing processes is increasingly popular and relevant.