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21/01/2019 – Trends in home interiors from London — auf Deutsch lesen

Tradition and modernity

The British way of life has long had an influence on continental style, with producers of interior fabrics striking a successful balance between tradition and modernity.


Jane Churchill presents powerful colours on soft velvet for a young clientèle. © Colefax and Fowler


Designers Guild is one example of this. Tricia Guild, the “Queen of Colours” who founded the company, has made known her unconventional ideas regarding colours and colour combinations in a number of previous books and her new book, “Paint Box”, once again guides the reader through the world of colours and patterns, with countless examples. As Tricia Guild sees it, nothing has a greater effect on the atmosphere of a room than colour – and she has a surprise in store for the new season. “People kept asking me why I didn't use orange from time to time, and I'd say ‘orange, what's that?’ But now for the first time, in my new collection, orange is there too.”

Not just orange, of course. There are, for example, classy satins and a washable taffeta with watercolour-like floral prints in gleaming cobalt blue with green, mauve and purple accents. A soft digital print velvet is perfect for luxury curtains, Roman blinds, cushions, bedspreads and upholstery. A colourful medley of shaded stripes in different widths provides a clean and modern line – each one with matching wallpaper and carpets, naturally.

You can read the whole report in our print edition textile network 1-2/2019 with publication date January 28, 2019.