06/03/2023 – Nonwovens — auf Deutsch lesen

CHT supports nonwoven industry

Nonwovens are ubiquitous in our daily life. We enjoy the benefits of those sophisticated, versatile textiles without actually noticing them.


Nonwovens are used in many different ways. CHT provides support for the nonwovens industry with its “Duron“ fiber auxiliary range. © CHT


They can be found in baby diapers, roofing, gowns and plenty other different end-use applications which require high-end, efficient and innovative machineries with high production capacities to produce e. g. drylaid, spunlaid, needlepunched, hydroentangled and thermobonded nonwovens.

With its “Duron” fiber auxiliary range CHT supports the nonwoven industry. It provides indispensable process agents and smart chemistry to functionalize nonwovens to meet the increasing machinery producer, market, customer and regulatory demands. The company understands future sustainability trends and derives appropriate measures for their business focusing on energy and climate protection, portfolio management, supply chain responsibility, staff commitment and resource efficiency as well as responsible production.

Their permanently hydrophilic products for fibers and nonwovens used in absorbent hygiene products offer softness for comfortable wear, excellent transfer of the liquid from topsheet via the acquisition distribution layer to the diaper core to guarantee a dry and healthy skin. They also support the required long-term hydrophilic performance, especially after storage, and the upcoming demand for biobased raw materials.

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