19/04/2023 – Textile finishing

Crease-resistant fabrics without Formaldehyde by Cilander

Formaldehyde, an organic chemical compound that makes fabrics crease-resistant and durable, is often used in the textile industry. However, the substance is highly criticized. Cilander demonstrates, with an innovative formaldehyde-free process how, it can also work without it.


The traditional textile company is putting responsible manufacturing practices first. © Cilander


The use of formaldehyde can, in addition to the benefits that the raw material brings, lead to health problems such as skin irritation, dermatitis, or respiratory diseases at high concentrations. The colorless gas with a strong, pungent odor can cause health issues not only for end customers through wearing the products, but also for employees in textile production facilities who inhale the gas during production.

To protect customers and employees, Cilander AG has developed an alternative, environmentally friendly process that is already being used in all non-iron shirting fabrics. Responsible manufacturing practices are important to the traditional textile company. Safe production methods and non-toxic clothing are ensured with a variety of measures: Cilander production sites are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes, and trained employees make sure that products are manufactured in a safe and ethical manner. The company from the Swiss town of Herisau is also characterised by the continuous further development of its processing technologies – as the production of formaldehyde-free finishing.

As a specialist in high-quality and functional shirt fabrics, the Brennet brand offers and processes natural fibers such as cotton and linen without the use of formaldehyde or any agents that release formaldehyde. For adult clothing items, the formaldehyde limits according to ISO standard 14184-1 are < 75 ppm. In Brennet's formaldehyde-free non iron finishing, the target value is significantly below 16 ppm. This means the method is even suitable for fabrics used in children's and baby clothing. In addition, the sustainable non iron solution is certified by Oeko-Tex and STeP. The fabrics also do not contain any harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and phthalates.

Brennet and Cilander are constantly introducing innovations in the field of textile solutions and are taking a pioneering role in the production of formaldehyde-free finishes for high-quality and durable clothing. This clothing is virtually equal to conventional non-iron finishings and fulfils even the highest performance requirements: The creasing behaviour as well as the look, feel and degree of whiteness are comparable to conventional non-iron versions.

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