26/06/2024 – Schneider Group

Authentic traceability in the world of wool

The Schneider Group has officially launched “Authentico”, by Schneider Group, a brand that stands for a complete, transparent, verified, traceable, ethical, and high-quality wool supply chain – from farm to garment.


Elena Schneider, President Pettinatura di Verrone and G. Schneider (on the left), Giovanni Schneider, President of G. Schneider, and Marco Schneider, G.Schneider Shareholder (on the right) are ready to go to the next level with the new brand Authentico. © The Schneider Group


From farm to garment, sourcing and manufacturing processes are verified, traced and branded to guarantee a transparent, ethical and high-quality wool supply chain. © The Schneider Group


The new brand “Authentico” aims to be recognised as the global brand that enables the fashion industry, together with end-consumers, to choose new levels of premium quality, comprising fully traceable and responsible wool, in compliance with a carefully structured approach that verifies, traces, and brands the sourcing and manufacturing processes throughout the whole supply chain. “Authentico” is based on the Schneider Group global certified network.

The “Authentico Verification System”

To achieve these goals, the Schneider Group has created the “Authentico Verification System”, a simple and reliable way to provide criteria and guidelines for all “Authentico” supply chain partners including:

  • “Authentico Integrity Scheme”, best practices for growers’ implementation at farm level. Animal welfare is at the heart of the “Authentico Integrity” scheme, together with being mulesing-free, in accordance with the five domains. But the scheme goes further and encompasses land and pasture management as well as social responsibility. The wool is sourced from carefully selected and highly committed growers, who apply best practices and choose to subscribe to the dedicated “Authentico” platform. The selected fibres are processed into tops in the Schneider Group’s own mills located on several continents, which are directly operated and fully certified.

  • “Authentico Brand Guidelines”, for all other supply chain players (from spinners, weavers, and knitters to garment makers, brands, and retailers), that include precise criteria set by the Schneider Group to ensure alignment with “Authentico” brand values.

In addition, the Schneider Group incorporates the pioneering traceability platform “TextileGenesis” within its “Authentico Verification System”, to digitally track all incoming and outgoing wool.

The Schneider Group CEO Laura Ros comments: “At the Schneider Group we want our customers and partners to rely on sustainability and traceability not only on farms, but also at industrial level, to consistently guarantee a complete respect for people and the environment, continuously improving our impact on the planet. This has meant investing in a team of skilled people who are doing constant fieldwork with growers and brokers as well as in our certified network of mills across five continents, an important commitment we are very proud of.”

“Authentico” by Schneider Group is exhibiting from 25th to 27th June at Pitti Filati: Customeasy Area Central Pav. – lower floor booth Q/10