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Invista launches Lycra Freef!t Technology

Invista launches its new patented Lycra Freef!t technology for denim in Germany at the Bluezone Fair at Munich Fabric Start.


Invista launches its new patented Lycra Freef!t technology for denim in Germany at the Bluezone Fair at Munich Fabric Start. © Invista


The Company also announces Gold Level Material Health Certification for Lycra166L Fiber. The certificate is awarded by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute to products that meet the Material Health requirements of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard and is valid for two years.

Lycra Freef!t technology

Lycra Freef!t technology provides denim and woven fabrics with soft, easy stretch and excellent recovery. As part of the launch, Invista has prepared an educational video that demonstrates how denim fabrics with Lycra Freef!t technology are less compressive on the body than standard stretch denim. Lower compression allows for greater comfort and freedom of movement, an area of significant interest to consumers.

Consumers want more comfort

According to Silvia Toledo, Invista’s Marketing Manager for Denim and Wovens in Europe, recent research conducted by Invista revealed a gap between consumer expectations and experience. “Our study showed that less than 30 percent of female respondents in Germany indicated the last pair of jeans they purchased allowed them to move comfortably, despite 53 percent wanting jeans that would do so,” Toledo said. “One of the most unique things about Lycra Freef!t technology is that it combines two opposing concepts – soft stretch and excellent shape retention, which are both desired by consumers.”

Clothes that fits

Fabrics made with Lycra Freef!t technology have the potential to provide a wider fit window because they are less compressive than standard stretch fabrics. The fabrics use Lycra dualFX yarns which are specially treated, and then woven in specific constructions to provide soft stretch. Lycra Freef!t fabrics can be made using Lycra fiber 166L, which has now been awarded the Gold Level Material Health Certificate.


In addition to the new Lycra Freef!tfabrics and video, visitors to the Invista stand are invited to preview a new Coolmax brand offering – Coolmax Natural Touch Technology. This technology combines two unique types of Coolmax fiber with cotton and Lycra fiber for cool comfort with a soft, natural hand and authentic aesthetic.

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