25/11/2019 – Top 10 – innovations 2019 — auf Deutsch lesen

Mussel nets from Lyocell

Several new technotextile developments hit the headlines during this year of big trade fairs. One of our Top 10 developments is made of fibres.


Nets made from Lenzing’s Lyocell fibres are compostable and biodegradable. © Lenzing/E. Grebe


Every year, around 8m metric tonnes of plastic end up in the sea, resulting in an estimated 165m tonnes of plastic waste in the ocean. The loss of conventionally used synthetic fibres and plastics is responsible for 80 percent of ocean pollution.

The Lenzing Group launched a botanical solution for ocean applications, and specifically for ocean farming: nets and lines made from Lenzing Lyocell. They are strong enough to bear the weight of growing mussel beds and are biodegradable in seawater. This innovation is the result of collaboration with two major partners, the STFI and FIUM GmbH & Co KG – Institute for Fish & Environment.

The company is aiming to enhance net design for durable products and increase significantly the proportion of fishing nets made from 100 percent Lyocell.