20/03/2023 – Sustainability — auf Deutsch lesen

RadiciGroup launches 100 % naturally sourced yarn

At the Performance Days, RadiciGroup – the only European producer of this material – presented a yarn with excellent technical and environmental performance.


100 % bio-based and recyclable, this yarn contributes to an increasingly sustainable textile sector that respects the principles of the circular economy. © malp/stock.adobe.com


“Biofeel Eleven” is a natural-sourced yarn. It is Castor oil that is the source of these new 100% sustainable yarns, which can be used for fabrics and fine garments in many sectors, from fashion to sports, from automotive to home textiles.

Castor beans contain around 45 % oil, rich in ricinolein, from which the bio-polymer polyamide 11 is derived. This is the polymer RadiciGroup uses for its “Biofeel Eleven” yarn. What remains after the first pressing is a highly effective bio-fertiliser that is returned to the soil. In short, a true example of circularity and “zero waste”.

Today, 80% of the world's castor-oil plantations are in India , particularly in the Gujarat region, due to its favourable climatic conditions. In this area, local people can earn an additional income by cultivating semi-arid land that does not compete with food production, and by applying the skills they have acquired over time to this work. Over the years, thanks to research, development and innovation in the value chain, the seeds from which the oil is produced have been selected and certified to ensure the finest quality, also in terms of end uses.

"Biofeel Eleven – underlines Marco De Silvestri, sales and marketing head of the Advanced Textile Solutions Business Area. – has unique and special properties, such as low water absorption, increased lightness and improved strength properties. This means being able to produce fabrics that are both durable and comfortable to the touch and skin. This translates into a wide range of applications, from sportswear to workwear, from fashion garments to textiles for luxury cars."