06/06/2023 – Sustainability — auf Deutsch lesen

Thermore’s commitment to clean oceans

Everything on our planet is connected. That is why a product designed for mountain sports can have a positive impact on our oceans.


Sustainability is part of Thermore’s core values. © Thermore


The commitment to clean oceans has been a priority for Thermore for quite some time. For instance, the use of microfibers was banned from all Thermore products as microfibers are known to pollute lakes and oceans as well as contaminate the food we eat.

This year, Thermore releases the first thermal insulation made from 100% ocean bound raw materials (PET bottles). The new product is called “Ecodown Fibers Ocean”, it is soft and resistant to clumping, just like all Ecodown Fibers. It is Ocean Cycle-certified and made at Thermore’s production site in Hong Kong. Thermore is also increasing the content of recycled fibers to 75% on its best selling product, “Thermore Classic”.