Environmental protection


A new step in Riri Group’s green path: Riri relies exclusively on recycled polyester for its zipper tapes. © Riri Group

10/06/2021 – Sustainability


Riri Group: recycled poyester for zipper tapes

Riri is the first company in the fashion accessories industry to complete its transition towards an exclusive use of recycled polyester for zips’ tapes. By  Iris Schlomski

To decarbonise the energy sector by 2050, and ensure the achievement of the goals set out under the Paris agreement, it is essential for the industry to completely phase out its use of fossil fuels. © Tupungato/stock.adobe.com

31/05/2021 – Circular economy – Recycling

Circular economy – Recycling

Nova-Institut: Turning off the Tap for Fossil Carbon

How to meet the global need for carbon as a feedstock in the chemical and derived materials sector in the future? The Nova-Institut presents a report. By  Iris Schlomski

Artist and model Jazzelle Zanaughtti launches Mercedes-Benz’s new ‘How to’ Fashion Story with an interactive event in Oslo. The concept, which focuses on collaboration with young talent, goes hand in hand with the development of Mercedes Benz from a pure automotive company to a provider of multi-layered mobility solutions. © Daimler AG

02/03/2021 – Mobility Turnaround, Part 1

Mobility Turnaround, Part 1

Where can the journey go? An overview

Adidas joins in, Hugo Boss is prepared and Raffaello Rossi is on board when it comes to electric mobility. A report by Yvonne Heinen. By  Editorial staff