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05/10/2018 – China vs. USA — auf Deutsch lesen

Trade Conflict Continues to Arouse Uncertainty

The trade conflict between the USA and China affects the cotton industry.


The trade conflict between the USA and China affects the cotton industry © Bremer Baumwollbörse


Due to currency slumps, many spinning industries relocated their cotton orders to cheaper competitors like e.g. Brazil and Argentina. China partly withdrew from the U.S. market as well and increased its imports from India.

Cotton areas that were affected by the hurricane Florence have suffered from severe rainfalls. These might arouse problems concerning the drying of the crop.

The European market registered uncommonly few inquiries at this time of the season. Even though these were discussed thoroughly, only few contracts were closed. The current market situation has raised the question where the trend will go about. The restraint of past weeks as well as a predominantly short-term fulfilment of demand continued to prevail.

Source: Bremen Cotton Report, Issue 37/38, September, 28 2018. For more information www.baumwollboerse.de/en/

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