08/07/2024 – Recycling synthetic yarns — auf Deutsch lesen

Turning waste into high-quality yarn

The Austrian family-owned company Getzner Textil is hard at work exploring the possibilities of the circular economy in the textile industry. Initial successes are currently being achieved in the recycling of textile waste: Polyester waste is turned into yarn, which can ultimately be used to re-produce the original product.


Getzner Textil AG and TFE Textil GmbH have achieved their first successes in the recycling of synthetic yarns. © Florian Kraler/flomotion.at


A 100% recycled polyester yarn is produced from the collected weaving waste. © Florian Kraler/flomotion.at


TFE Textil GmbH, a subsidiary of Getzner Textil, produces support fabrics for industrial applications made of 100% polyester.“During the process of weaving, waste is produced at the selvedges. This waste is now being collected as part of a pilot project and reprocessed into yarn,” explains Barbara Paul, Sustainability Officer at Getzner Textil. The collaboration with the Austrian recycling company Erema Group looks very promising: “The recycled yarn has shown excellent results in numerous tests in our laboratories. Now our goal is to produce the original product using the waste from that product, thereby creating a cycle – the machines are running and the result has been extremely satisfactory,” says Development Coordinator Jonas Bemetz.

At the moment, further tests are still needed before the product can be presented to an interested customer base. “In addition to industrial applications, there is potential in the mobility sector and in the area of personal protective equipment,” says Paul, summarising other possible areas of application.

Getzner Textil´s own development centre, work is also currently underway on a recycling solution for cotton waste.