20/11/2019 – Automotive Exhaust Systems Summit — auf Deutsch lesen

New mobility solutions by Porcher Industries

Porcher Industries presents the future of quiet and clean mobility solutions with materials that offer high-performance thermal and acoustical insulation.


Porcher industries will showcase his innovations at the 5th Edition of the Annual Automotive Exhaust Systems Summit, to be held in Dusseldorf on November 28th to 29th. © Porcher Industries


The 5th Edition of the Annual Automotive Exhaust Systems Summit, to be held in Dusseldorf on November 28th to 29th, will see Porcher Industries showcase the market’s most complete range of high performance thermal and acoustical insulation products.

With a key strategic thrust targeting quiet and clean mobility by developing new insulation applications, Porcher Industries’ range of textiles meet the demands and requirements of the Automotive, Aerospace and other transport sectors by delivering unsurpassed levels of thermal and acoustical management. On display the group will showcase its Techmat, SilcoSoft and ThermoShield materials – all highly functional non-woven textiles that can be found in key areas of both the hot and cold ends of vehicle exhaust systems.

Produced from 100% percent non-respirable fibres, these binder free non-wovens are safe to handle and can be tailored to provide application specific thermal insulation and heat shields at temperatures ranging from 650 to 1,150 Celsius (1200 F to 2100F).

Porcher Industries is able to deliver its Techmat, SilcoSoft and ThermoShield materials in a wide range of formats from roll goods, flat or formed shapes through to sub-assemblies and finished parts that combine metallic layers with their insulation materials. Porcher Industries’ thermal and acoustical insulation solutions will also be on show in Dusseldorf: technical textiles that blend chemistry and fibre processing technology to produce a powerful range of non-woven and glass mat thermoplastics (GMT) materials that can be tailored to a customer’s specific acoustical and thermal insulation requirements. In addition.

Andreas Stoeferle, Technical Support Engineer, EMEA, Porcher Industries, will present a detailed view of the group’s expertise in high performance insulations, their global reach, products and delivery formats on the opening day of the conference.

Pierre-Yves Quéfélec, Global Aerospace & Automotive BU Head:

“As one of the leading manufacturers of specialist technical textiles within the Automotive sector, we have responded to demand and placed significant development time and resource into developing our range of thermal and acoustical material solutions for Automotive and Aerospace.”

The Porcher Industries’ presentation will take place on Thursday, November 28th at 12:30pm.