09/09/2022 – Repair of sewer pipes — auf Deutsch lesen

OPW hose for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Digging up or exposing defective sewer pipes with an excavator, hoe and spade is no longer necessary with Global Safety Textiles’ Airbagliner.


The Airbagliner from Global Safety Textiles enables complete repair of defective sewer pipes. © Global Safety Textiles


When underground pipelines and sewers get older, cracks can form in the pipes or tree roots can grow into the pipe. As a result, breaks or displacements sometimes occur. As a consequence, clean tap water is lost on its way into the house or wastewater seeps into the ground – problematic for the quality of the groundwater.

In the past, defective pipes and sewers were always replaced at great expense. Above-ground damage, which directly affects the environment, can quickly occur or become more extensive as a result of dredging, excavation and demolition work.

The Airbagliner allows for a complete repair that saves resources and energy at the same time: digging up or exposing the defective sewer pipes with an excavator, hoe and spade is no longer necessary. This not only saves fuel, time, effort and money, but also protects the environment in the long term.

This new application for a well-known technology integrates years of experience from airbag production into a new segment. High-strength, multilayer fabrics combined with the high quality standards of the automotive industry bring the airbag underground.

  • Global Safety Textiles (GST) develops and produces airbags, airbag fabrics and technical textiles. The textile background of fabric production at the High Rhine site goes back more than 180 years. GST supplies automotive manufacturers worldwide with airbags for all applications, such as in the head, chest, shoulder, and knee areas. In addition to the airbag applications, the GSTSeiba team also deals with all applications for technical textiles in the non-automotive sector, from weather protection textiles to smart textiles.