24/11/2017 – ITA/RWTH Aachen: air-jet weaving — auf Deutsch lesen

Automated removal of faulty weft threads

Technical fabrics demand high quality standards. Depending on the specific application e.g. airbags for the automotive industry, fabric defects are unacceptable.


Set-up of an air-jet weaving machine © RWTH


A possible reason for fabric defects are faulty weft threads. In air-jet weaving, modern machines have a system for the automatic removal of faulty weft threads. This system has a reliability of about 80 %. In 20 % of cases, the automatic system reports successful removal to the machine even though dirt or fragments of the faulty weft thread still remain in the shed. The goal of the project on camera-based shed inspection in air-jet weaving machines is to increase the reliability of the automatic removal of faulty weft threads to 95 % in order to improve the productivity of weaving mills specialising in high-quality technical fabrics. Find out more about this project in our online magazine by going to the research section.