29/08/2017 – Takko Fashion / Caddon — auf Deutsch lesen

Digital colour management

In the world of fashion, colour plays a particularly important role. The precise reproduction has a strong bearing on the quality of the final product.


Today the digital specifications by Caddon form the foundation for the production of more than 140 million garments sold by Takko Fashion through its roughly 1,900 stores across Europe every year © Takko Fashion


Thanks to the new technology from Caddon, it is now possible to share true-colour digital samples between departments and companies. In need of a digital colour management system, textile company Takko Fashion opted for the innovative multispectral systems from Caddon, saving plenty of time and money in the process.

Multispectrally Measurement

The technology developed by the colour and printing expert measures the colours of fabrics multispectrally. In contrast to conventional imaging data, each pixel is a spectral measurement value. The exact measurements and the visual impression come together to create an inseparable, non-manipulable unit. At the heart of the solution is the can:scan imaging system, which Takko Fashion uses at its facility in Hong Kong.

This is where the digital colour samples are created for garments made of cotton, polyester, viscose and other materials and where the lab-dip samples of suppliers are recorded and tested against the colour specifications before being approved. The digital measurement values are subsequently shared with partners and suppliers so that they can dye and process textiles for Takko Fashion with high levels of accuracy.

Increase quality and appearance in a move

“We see precision colour matching as a key discipline in the design, production and sale of our products,” says Melanie Richard, Head of Quality Management Takko Fashion. “After all, we offer a wide selection of collections which makes it even more important to get the colours right. In a move to enhance quality and appearance whilst cutting production times, we decided two years ago to opt for the digital colour management system from Caddon.”

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