12/11/2020 – Production on demand — auf Deutsch lesen

Kornit Digital: Calvi has implemented the Kornit Avalanche HD6 system

Calvi achieves an efficient, eco-conscious production on demand with Kornit Digital.


“We are sustainable. We don’t have to create more water waste or use more resources.” Catarina Lopes, Calvi. © Kornit Digital


Founded in 1977, Calvi is a textile manufacturing company that works with national and international partners to deliver sportswear and casual apparel for men, women, and children. Now occupying a 6,600 sqm facility and employing a team of more than 120 qualified professionals, they are committed to the evolution of textiles with regard to three fundamental values: quality, availability, and efficiency.

In addition to their own e-commerce operation, Calvi produces about 100,000 t-shirts per week for brands like Pull & Bear, Zara, and Bershka.

Anselmo Pereira, Head of Design at Calvi:

“When we first contacted Kornit, it was very easy to create the partnership we have now. Kornit Avalanche really helped us to move faster, to be more ecological – we basically don’t have minimum quantities to produce.”

  • At Calvi, business is personal, reflecting management’s core values.

Catarina Lopes, Founder and CEO of the brand’s eco-conscious NÜWA division:

“This company started with my grandfather, and then my father started running the business by himself. I started NÜWA, which has two pillars: Everything is sustainable, and we are inspired by people. We are sustainable; we don’t have to create more water waste or use more resources. Our products are made from recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and organic cotton. We only use digital printing because it’s water inks; we don’t have to use chemicals in our products. People in the Douro Valley are really connected to the land. We do everything we can to keep the ecosystem balanced. We have to keep the only house we have, and that is our planet.”

  • Beyond promoting responsible production practices, NÜWA and Calvi had a very pragmatic motivation for adopting Kornit’s digital DTG (Direct to garment) system, as well.

“Making our apparel to order without these machines wouldn’t be possible,” says Lopes.