11/08/2022 – Textile chemistry

New groundbreaking air purification textile technology

Archroma launches Perapret Air liq, a new industry-leading, light-activated air purification technology for all kinds of fabrics.


The new innovation was presented at the Techtextil exhibition 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. © Archroma


The mineral-based Perapret Air liq eliminates air pollutants and airborne smells by imitating the natural process of photocatalysis under normal day and artificial light sources.

The chemistry usually used in such applications is nano-sized TiO2 (dioxide titanium), which attack every organic matter, including the textile fiber, and not only pollutants. Perapret Air liq is produced using a unique and patented Core Shell technology that partially surrounds the TiO2 molecules, solving the issue of fiber damage, and at the same time still allowing the photocatalytic process to work efficiently.

Therefore, the Core Shell technology makes it possible to use the capabilities of nano-sized TiO2 also on organic based substances such as cotton, polyester, polyamide, viscose and any additional fiber and its blends. In addition, the treatment is highly durable, as the product doesn’t self-consume and retains its performance over time.

Perapret Air liq is ideally suited for indoor applications, such as curtains, textile wall coverings, as well as cars and other automotive interiors, allowing to reduce air pollutants and airborne smells and thus improving overall air quality. “Between home, work, school, shops, cafes, restaurants, cars and public transports, we spend about 90% of our time indoors. This means we are exposed to indoor air pollutants for long periods of time,” explains Georg Lang, Head of Competence Center Finishing at Archroma. “We are proud to have come up with Perapret Air liq, a mineral air purification chemistry designed for maximal performance and minimal impact on people and the planet.”