14/06/2018 – H. Stoll at the ITM, Istanbul

Overwhelming success

For many companies in the knitting industry, Turkey and its surroundings are one of the most important strategic regions in the world.


2018 looks to become one of the most successful years for Stoll in this market. Stoll at the ITM 2018 © H. Stoll


From 14th until 17th of April 2018 the International Textile Machinery exhibition ITM took place for the 34th time in Turkey.

Stoll has been participating in ITM for many years and it is the best platform in Turkey to show new technologies to existing and potential new customers. The booth was very well received by the visitors and everybody marveled the joint booth from Stoll, Mayer Mümessillik and Mayer & Cie. "Stoll is always a highlight", has been the tenor of the visitors. Together with the agency Mayer Mümessillik Stoll exhibited the latest technologies.

During the 4 days of the exhibition the booth was always very well visited and customers from Turkey, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Africa found their way to us.

 Stoll presented a large variety of the flat knitting technologies

For example the well-known ADF machines with all kind of plating possibilities combined with intarsia and weave-in technology, as well as other flat knitting machines offering many different fields of application and also a machine knitting medical textiles. Another highlight was the CMS 502 HP+ which was knitting a traditional kelim-design. The famous subject of knitting shoe uppers is now becoming a more and more important field of application in Turkey.

 Stoll had several shoe uppers on display which found great interest for our customers and hope that Turkey will get its well-deserved share in this market soon.

2018 looks to become one of the most successful years for Stoll in this market.