24/11/2021 – dur needles from Groz-Beckert — auf Deutsch lesen

Sewing machine needles with dur coating

Groz-Beckert has changed and improved the process used to apply the chrome layer to the sewing machine needles.


Needles coated with the new process are labeled with the suffix “dur” on the packaging, making them easy to recognize at first glance. © Groz-Beckert


Sewing machine needles have had a chrome coating as standard for decades. This protects the needle from external influences such as corrosion and makes it wear-resistant. It also gives the needle a smooth surface, which protects the material and thread.

Groz-Beckert has now changed the process used to apply this chrome layer to the needles. And the new technology offers several advantages: Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it also improves product properties.

Special features of the dur needle

The following features of the dur needles differ from conventional chrome needles:

  • Coated needle point: The new coating process protects the dur needle in the point area even more effectively against wear and damage. This means that the needle can be used for longer.
  • Improved sliding properties: dur needles have improved sliding properties. This reduces the penetration forces of the needle and protects the material to be sewn even more.
  • Visual change: dur needles differ visually from conventional chrome needles. This is reflected in the smoother appearance of the entire needle and a visible color difference around the shank.

The smoother appearance has no influence on the technical properties of the needle: The dur needle is at least as smooth and gentle on the thread as the conventional chrome needle.

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