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The Uster fiber cleaning

The most critical medical and hygiene applications for spunlaced nonwovens demand zero-tolerance of any contamination fragments larger than 1 mm.


© Uster


Uster Jossi Vision Shield reliably detects and eliminates the tiniest particles of contaminant. © Uster


Still a big task, yet the Uster Jossi fiber cleaning system has the solution, finding and ejecting unwanted substances in the blink of an eye.

Operating in the preparatory stages before spunlacing, Uster Jossi Vision Shield reliably detects and eliminates the tiniest particles of contaminant, preventing potentially disastrous quality claims and rejections by customers – often big-name corporations delivering to both institutional and consumer markets.

Fast and efficient contamination control

Uster Jossi Vision Shield deploys the imaging spectroscope technology, identifying contamination in a fraction of a second, and just as quickly removing it from the mass of good fiber material. Detection works across a much greater wavelength than conventional camera systems, so that contamination as small as a single hair and in the lightest colors is pinpointed, even in IR and UV light ranges.

The process of detecting and removing contamination from bleached cotton and man-made fibers inevitably generates some waste. It is important to ensure a minimum of good fiber is lost in this way.

Uster Jossi Vision Shield achieves this by continuously measuring the velocity of the fiber tufts. Precision valves then match the timing and duration of each ejection of contamination, so that only the required amount of unwanted material is removed.

Meeting the ultimate quality standards

For fiber cleaning, tuft size is the key: small contaminant particles can hide inside denser tufts, especially difficult to locate when the material is more compressed. Uster Jossi Vision Shield is ideally positioned to overcome this, directly behind the fine opener in the blowroom. These short channels ensure that the tufts pass the spectroscopes in their most open state. This position also means that the optimal dimensions and compact design of the fiber cleaning system integrate perfectly in the production line.

The quality-boosting credentials of Uster Jossi Vision Shield are underlined still further by its established leading role in the cotton industry, where contamination levels are much higher and more complex. The Uster system’s spectroscopes detect everything – even white polypropylene entangled in tufts. In fact, most cotton spinners hesitate to use the system at its fullest sensitivity, since waste levels might be too high if all contamination was removed.


Nonwovens producers, however, can use all this detection power to achieve the guaranteed levels of both comfort, for contact with human skin, and appearance – as well as the required quality standards for medical uses. For nonwovens, Uster Jossi Vision Shield brings unrivaled detection power and removal efficiency, for top fiber cleaning performance.