09/08/2021 – Innovation in weaving preparation — auf Deutsch lesen

The new generation WarpMasterPlus

Recently, Groz-Beckert expanded its product portfolio for Weaving preparation with a new drawing-in machine: the WarpMasterPlus.


WarpMasterPlus - The system has been newly developed from the ground up. © Groz-Beckert


The new WarpMaster generation can draw in up to 150 threads per minute. © Groz-Beckert


The WarpMasterPlus combines all properties offered by the established WarpMaster concept to date: modular design consisting of needle, reed, healds, drop wires and yarn module, low space requirements for the machine and drawn-in harness. This machine offers maximum flexibility with minimal setup requirements and problem-free drawing-in of critical warp yarns, as the drawing-in takes place via a bobbin.

Developed for the future

The WarpMasterPlus is the latest generation of fully automatic drawing-in machines from Groz-Beckert and was presented for the first time at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona. In this machine generation, Groz-Beckert continues to rely on the drawing-in concept, where the drawing-in takes place via a single yarn package.

Nevertheless, WarpMasterPlus is not merely a further development of the WarpMaster: The system has been newly developed from the ground up. The latest technologies were used to bring a machine to the market that is already equipped today for future requirements with regard to increased automation in the course of Industry 4.0.

Further focal points in the development were maximizing machine efficiency and simultaneously reducing the set-up and dismantling time. For this purpose, the number of cycles has been increased and sophisticated functions such as pre-setting drop wire magazines and CNC axes for adjusting the heald length have been added. Conversion times can be reduced to a minimum with different accessories.

Prior knowledge not necessary

Dividing the machine into four modules further increases the ease of maintenance and service. Another advantage of the modular concept is that customer-specific machine lengths can also be realized. The WarpMasterPlus is built in two lengths as standard: 2.40 m and 4.00 m.

In addition to the completely new developments, tried-and-tested features such as video support for the operating personnel were also incorporated into the new WarpMasterPlus. This makes it possible to operate the machine quickly and reliably even for persons without prior knowledge of drawing-in.

Hands-on training

To demonstrate the advantages and operation of WarpMasterPlus directly on the machine, Groz-Beckert plan to expand their services and set up further training options in addition to the training programs that already exist at the headquarters in Albstadt. For this purpose, they will set up new showrooms this year – initially in China, Turkey and India – where, in addition to the WarpMasterPlus, other machines from their weaving preparation portfolio will be available for training, tests and demonstrations.