25/03/2021 – Reducing waste, improving yield — auf Deutsch lesen

Uster fabric inspection systems

Uster’s Think Quality approach now takes in automatic fabric inspection.


Fabric quality assurance system Uster EVS Fabric Vision. © Uster Technologies


Uster offers two systems, ensuring that fabrics meet the quality standards required to protect fabric makers and finishers from costly claims and damaged reputations.

Both systems add extra benefits. The Uster Q-Bar 2 fabric quality monitoring system prevents waste, while the Uster EVS Fabriq Vision fabric quality assurance system significantly improves first-quality yield for all applications. Uster Q-Bar 2 and Uster EVS Fabriq Vision make a real impact on the business success of users – a fact confirmed in numerous installations worldwide.

Quality is crucial – and data essential

The increasing demand for assured quality is a significant trend, and achieving it clearly requires automation. A major benefit of automation in fabric inspection is continuity in collecting objective data. This comes with the bonus of automatic data analysis by the Uster Fabriq Expert quality system, with its fully-customizable reports displayed at the on-screen dashboard. For textile mills, online monitoring of the systems, with comprehensive statistics on inspected fabrics, and machine performance, serves to optimize production and facilitate automation.