06/09/2023 – Beaulieu International Group

Destination: zero environmental footprint

Beaulieu International Group will turn the spotlight on geotextile products with sustainability benefits to support progress in resilient civil engineering projects at the 12th ICG Rome from 18th-21st September 2023. Beaulieu Fibres International (BFI) and Beaulieu Technical Textiles (BTT) are parts of the group.


© Beaulieu International Group


Woven geotextiles in civil engineering. © Beaulieu International Group

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Sustainable geosynthetics

As a geosynthetics company, the Beaulieu International Group is championing eco-friendly solutions. Jefrem Jennard, Sales Director Fibres, emphasizes their commitment to durable, sustainable materials. “As a materials solution provider at the front end of the value chain, our industry role is to come forward with durable solutions as the whole geosynthetics industry has focused on the sustainable use of geosynthetics in a variety of innovative as well as consolidated applications. ‘Geosynthetics, Leading the Way to a Resilient Planet‘, is a pertinent conference theme which we are proud to support,” he added. BFI offers polypropylene (PP) fibers for nonwoven geotextiles, reducing the carbon footprint by over 25% compared to standard PP fibers, emitting only 1.48 kg CO2 per kg of PP fibers. BFI goes further with ISCC Plus certified bio-attributed MONO-PP, a material with a negative carbon footprint.

Infrastructure choices

Roy Kerckhove, Sales Director Technical Textiles, highlights geotextiles` versatility and sustainability. BTT`s woven geotextiles are said to excel in sustainability, with carbon footprints ranging from 0.37 to 1.40 kg CO2 equivalent per sqm, minimizing natural resource use. At the 12th ICG Rome, BFI introduces “Terralys MF” woven filtration geotextiles with monofilament, enhancing water flow and resisting clogging. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for BFI products will be available from September 2023, providing transparency for customers to make sustainable choices. BFI`s long-term strategy, Route 2030, prioritizes sustainability and supports the industry`s transformation towards a greener future.