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Elasticated cords and cables by Jumbo-Textil

Elastic cords and cables are some of the essential components of almost all fitness equipment and tools. Jumbo-Textil offers individual solutions.


Flexible fitness textiles: cords and cables by Jumbo-Textil © Jumbo-Textil


There are good reasons why narrow textiles are used so frequently in the fitness and rehabilitation sector. Compared to other materials, they offer decisive advantages: they are flexible, safe, light and durable, as well as skin-friendly and have low injury potential. Unlike the steel springs on a trampoline, a rubber rope does not need additional sheathing.

Non-elastic cords as from Jumbo-Textil – depending on type and design – are essential as tension and connection elements for the functionality of fitness equipment. Textile components are often also an integral part of the equipment technology as fastening or fixing systems.

Individual customized

The force-elongation ratio of elastic cords and cables – like all other properties – is specified individually and optimally for the respective application. Depending on the specific requirements of the narrow textiles in the respective product, expert teams develop cords and cables made of high-tech fibres and on high-tech equipment: technical textiles that are a perfect fit for the equipment and its functions.

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