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Jumbo Textil: Elastics for power support in medicine and the work environment

Exoskeletons offer valuable support in many areas. An important component for “power suits”: elastics by Jumbo-Textil.


© Jumbo-Textil © Jumbo-Textil


Fits, protects, secures, relieves: cross-elastic woven rubber tape by Jumbo-Textil © Jumbo-Textil

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An exoskeleton is a kind of robot that you wear: a construction of mainly textile components that is slipped over the body and strapped on. Integrated sensors register the body movements. These impulses are converted into electrically driven movements of the exoskeleton, which support or amplify the human movement.

  • People who do physically hard work are massively relieved.

  • People who are learning how to walk again after an accident or a stroke receive super support.

  • People with a handicap gain greater mobility.

Tough requirements, individual solutions

Since the skeletons are worn on the body, the textiles and textile components used here need to be skin-friendly and as light as possible. The body’s own temperature regulating systems must not be impeded. The contact surfaces must not create pressure points. And the exoskeletons must be individually adaptable to the user’s body measurements.

High-tech elastics by Jumbo-Textil offer first-class solutions for the development of exoskeletons – in terms of functionality, safety and wearing comfort: they hold, clamp, close and secure. They relieve and cushion movements and force impact. They illuminate and forward signals. The breathable narrow textiles stretch in both directions as required. They fit snugly on the body and follow every movement. Full-surface hook-and-loop-ready elastic tapes offer a simple, secure and individually adjustable fastening option. Jumbo-Textil consistently uses components made of plastic or light metal for textile components as fastening solutions. As a solution partner for demanding tasks – e.g., in occupational safety – we are also happy to develop cooled or heated textiles in collaboration with our customers. Also possible: the development of self-luminous narrow textiles – for additional safety.

Exoskeletons in industrial and rehabilitation robotics

Exoskeletons can be used for a wide range of applications: people who use this power machine at work are supported in lifting, dragging, walking or overhead work. This reduces physical strain and thus also the risk of muscular and skeletal disorders – one of the most common causes of incapacity to work. The potential for health prevention makes exoskeletons interesting for occupational safety in companies.

Rehabilitation robotics is dedicated to the development of exoskeletons for therapeutic purposes. The technical support structures are used – as a further development of the classic orthoses – for example in the treatment of people who are learning to walk again after an accident. People with paraplegia or muscle weakness can be helped to walk by exoskeletons.

Holger Vehring, project engineer Jumbo-Textil:

“We have developed extra soft, skin-friendly and breathable narrow textiles for on-body and medical applications, such as exoskeletons. We specify all the technical parameters – such as the force-elongation behaviour or conductivity – precisely and individually to match the respective requirements of our customers. The high-quality elastic tapes, cords and fastening solutions meet a wide range of design requirements and also offer maximum wearing comfort.”

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