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World premiere of Tune-It

Tune-It sets themselves apart through custom-tailored acoustic performance, light weight and an excellent environmental footprint.


Innovative Carpet Backing based on Tune-It © Autoneum


Needlepunch Carpet based on Tune-It © Autoneum


Autoneum´s latest innovation for carpet systems Tune-It will be presented to the public for the first time at the Automotive Acoustics Conference which takes place on July 11 and 12, 2017 in Zurich/Ruschlikon, Switzerland. This globally leading conference in the field of auto- motive acoustics has been under the scientific leadership of Autoneum for 50 years.

Tune-It is based on an innovative fiber combination in the carpet backing with which, for the first time, sound insulation and absorption can be tuned to the specific needs and geometry of the passenger cabin across the entire surface of the carpet. Thanks to this technological quantum leap it is now possible to define the optimum insulation and absorption performance already during the development phase of new vehicle models by means of computer-aided simulations. As a result, needlepunch carpets based on Tune-It provide ideal noise protection in the passenger cabin.

Excellent environmental balance

In addition, given a weight advantage of up to 25% compared to standard needlepunch carpets, components based on Tune-It also support reduced fuel consumption and less vehicle emissions. The outstanding environmental footprint of this carpet technology that consists of 100% PET is also reflected in the fact that Tune-It based components are fully recyclable. Compared to conventional carpet molding, where non-recyclable production waste can reach a share of 30%, off-cuts produced during the manufacture of Tune-It can be processed into pellets and completely returned into the carpet manufacturing process in the form of fibers. The product launch for Tune-It is scheduled for spring 2018.



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