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The next generation of softness measurement for textiles and nonwovens

Equipment manufacturer emtec Electronic will present its latest innovation at ITMA, which aims to take haptic testing of textiles and nonwovens to the next level.


At its booth at ITMA, emtec Electronic will present the “TSA”. © Emtec Electronic


Specially adapted to the needs and wishes of the textile and nonwovens industry, the next-generation softness measuring device comes with new features and a new design. The proven “TSA” already offers a unique approach to softness measurement by simulating the sensory capabilities of the human hand through sound analysis. Haptic parameters such as softness, smoothness, flexibility, deformation and recovery can be objectively measured and the results digitized, but in a fraction of the time required for conventional hand testing methods - just 90 seconds is standard.

 Originally developed for the tissue paper industry under the name Tissue Softness Analyzer, the “TSA“ has now established itself as the industry standard for haptics measurements worldwide. Its measurement principles and practical application have been presented in a technical information paper (TIP 0808-07 (2021)) published by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI).

Practical solution for maximum comfort

“Our experience in measuring the haptic quality of tissue and hygiene paper has allowed us to continue to innovate and expand to serve the needs of the textile and nonwovens industries,” says Alexander Gruener, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager for emtec Electronic. “For garments, especially, there is a strong need to quickly and reliably reproduce certain haptic qualities that consumers prefer. The “TSA” provides a simplified solution to achieve maximum comfort.”

 If you would like to learn about the latest innovation in haptic quality testing, complemented by a new way of digitalization, come to the emtec booth and meet our experts Giselher Grüner (Managing Director), Alexander Grüner, Mario Graupner (Service Manager) and our Area Sales Managers Philipp Sievers and Eric Haagen.

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