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Sustainable production with digital printing

Digital direct-to-garment (DTG) production technology gives brands, fulfillers, and print service providers the versatility they need to create on demand.


Digital printing offers the capability to print whatever the market demands, in brilliant detail, unlimited colours, and any quantity. © Kornit Digital


Thus it minimizes inventory risk while offering consumers variety and quality. Kornit Digital introduced a single-step production process, which eliminates the need for pre- and post-treatments. Their systems use eco-friendly, pigment-based inks compatible with any number of common and popular fabrics to serve many types of buyers.

“The capability, quality, and durability were all top-notch,” said Mike Kent of Sheffield-based athleticwear producer Kitlocker.com, which supplemented screen printing operations with Kornit’s DTG technology. “The machines are quick, reliable, with very little downtime.”

The right tool for the job

This technology gives print shops a powerful new tool for the right job. Screens will always be there for the large-run, bread-and-butter jobs that don’t use too many colours. But when you need to create something with minimal setup time, unlimited colours, in small numbers, or maybe even just produce some samples without the hassle that comes with analogue processes—digital makes it happen at the push of a button.

“Digital opens up different sales channels and makes you more flexible,” said Alan Porter of Screenworks, an apparel decorator based near Cambridge.

Next generation direct textile printing

Customers still want embroidery, dye sublimation and vinyl heat transfer. But each of those methods takes time, produces waste, and requires a different machine with a different skill set. So Kornit has launched a machine that combines all the different features and skills. Kornit MAX systems give users every benefit they’ve come to expect from Kornit’s patented sustainable, single-step production process – but also 3D imagery that seems to leap off the surface. It simulates stitching, vinyl heat transfer and dye-sub impressions, and not only on white polyester. And it does all of this using one ink set, with one machine, with a smaller footprint – both carbon and on your production floor.

Kornit Digital CEO Ronen Samuel

“There’s a growing realization and acceptance that on-demand production is the answer to meet the demands of today’s consumer. Kornit’s MAX technology defines the future of on-demand, sustainable textile production, and the future is here now. MAX offers a rare sustainable symbiosis, more creativity, less waste.”