During its 30th anniversary, the international Oeko-Tex Association is still seeing positive business development despite numerous global challenges. © Oeko-Tex

15/09/2022 – Positive business development

Positive business development

Oeko-Tex Annual Report 2021/22

In total, Oeko-Tex issued more than 36,000 certificates and labels in the past financial year – an increase of 14% compared to the previous year. By  Sibylle Michel

?From March to December 2021, a group of public buyers of garment and textiles participated in a pilot project to explore the integration of OECD risk-based due diligence into the public procurement of garment and textiles – the OECD Pilot. © j-mel/stock.adobe.com

30/08/2022 – OECD e-learning course

OECD e-learning course

Due Diligence for Garment and Footwear Supply Chains

A new e-learning course on “Due Diligence for Garment and Footwear Supply Chains” is available. For textile network readers no participation fees are incurred. By  Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh

An increased interest in sustainability in the textile industry led to greater awareness of GOTS certification from businesses as well as consumers. © GOTS

25/05/2022 – GOTS 2021 Annual Report

GOTS 2021 Annual Report

Record growth and increased interest in GOTS certification

GOTS announced the release of its 2021 Annual Report. Even with the continued constraints of Covid-19, 2021 was a year of significant developments for ... By  Editorial staff

A webinar with detailed information on all new regulations will be available to all interested parties on January 18, 2022 via the Oeko-Tex website. © Oeko-Tex

11/01/2022 – Sustainability


Oeko-Tex new regulations 2022

The Oeko-Tex Association has released its annual updates to test criteria, limit values and requirements for its certification. By  Sibylle Michel