Faruque Hassan, president of the BGMEA: “We believe that sustainability is not only about fulfilling social, ecological and community obligations; it is also about building a strategic coalition among the broader stakeholders toward a sustainable, resilient, modern, fair and equitable supply chain.” © Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh

29/08/2022 – Apparel Manufacturing Hub

Apparel Manufacturing Hub

Made in Bangladesh Week

A week-long event from 12 to 18 November 2022 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, will showcase sustainability strides being made by Bangladesh garment makers. By  Editorial staff

The show was attended by 4,860 trade visitors from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, Italy, Germany and more. © Intex South Asia

Reviving and revitalizing face-to-face business meetings through the physical format, the 9th Intex South Asia – Bangladesh Edition concluded on a positive ... By  Editorial staff

In the opening plenary of the SAF, Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation and former President of BGMEA Md. Atiqul Islam, said: “Today building a sustainable, responsible and ethical apparel industry will not only bring benefits for the manufacturers, but also it is also equally beneficial for our economy.” © BAE

19/05/2022 – Sustainable Apparel Forum

Sustainable Apparel Forum

Accelerate apparel sustainability in Post-Covid

Policy makers, industry leaders, brands’ representatives and fashion campaigners gathered in Dhaka to accelerate momentum of sustainability in Bangladesh’s ... By  Editorial staff

More than 50 speakers will participate, as well as 20 green growth technology exhibitors, with 20 countries represented. © Bangladesh Apparel Exchange

This year’s Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) on May 10, 2022, aims to establish Bangladesh as the world’s most responsible apparel sourcing destination. By  Editorial staff

Mostafiz Uddin: Retail stores in Germany have been closed for ten weeks since December 14. Retail store closures have a serious impact on factories in developing countries like Bangladesh and their millions of poor workers. © Bangladesh Denim Expo

02/03/2021 – Bangladesh: Germany is the 2nd largest export destination

Bangladesh: Germany is the 2nd largest export destination

Mostafiz Uddin: An Open Letter to the German Government

The impact of the lockdown for Bangladesh’s garment industry. An open letter from a manufacturer to German government by Mostafiz Uddin. By  Editorial staff

The apparel producing country has made significant improvements in safety standards and practicing sustainability in recent years, thanks to Denim Expert, too. © Denim Expert Limited

27/01/2021 – Sustainability: World Economic Forum

Sustainability: World Economic Forum

Denim expert Bangladesh becomes new sustainability champion

Denim Expert Limited, a niche denim manufacturing and washing plant of Bangladesh, was recognized as ‘New Champion’ by World Economic Forum in 2020. By  Editorial staff

Ahmed Jahangir, executive Director of Nishat Textile Mills, Karatschi, Pakistan: “The demand for textile masks worldwide will continue even after the pandemic is over.” © Onuchcha/

07/09/2020 – Turning challenges into opportunities

Turning challenges into opportunities

Mask production in the age of Corona – a global view

Many Asian textile and garment suppliers are manufacturing textile masks to meet the robust global demand for masks and protective gowns. By  Manik Mehta, New York