Rather than stopping garment production and furloughing employees, the company developed a high-quality mask with a HEPA filter, which was chosen by French President Emmanuel Macron. Chanteclair was able to protect lives and keep their doors open with a fully automated end-to-end workflow. © Chanteclair

17/02/2021 – Corona: Keep the doors open through the Covid-19 pandemic

Corona: Keep the doors open through the Covid-19 pandemic

Gerber: Bonneterie Chanteclair was able to protect lives

Since March 2020, Gerber’s PPE Task Force has helped over 1,700 companies, just like Chanteclair, pivot to PPE production. By  Iris Schlomski

The nonwoven used in protection classes FFP1 through FFP3 respiratory masks plays a decisive role. © Oerlikon Nonwovens

22/01/2021 – Meltblown and spunbond technologies

Meltblown and spunbond technologies

Oerlikon Nonwoven: Tackling coronavirus

The worldwide demand for protective masks and apparel has resulted in a record number of new orders at Oerlikon Nonwovens. By  Iris Schlomski

Successful lateral move of a filter expert. The aim of the company is now to distribute FFP2 masks in the future. © F.O.S.

19/01/2021 – FFP2 certification is in planning

FFP2 certification is in planning

F.O.S. expands mask production

Initially dismissed, today it’s a high-quality product in serial production: F.O.S. expands mask production. Successful lateral move of a filter expert. By  Iris Schlomski

Livipro Community Masks from the Swiss company Universal Reusable Packaging GmbH (UNREPA) are now available. © Universal Reusable Packaging

18/01/2021 – Livipro protective mask

Livipro protective mask

Testex: Livipro protective mask achieved Testex Community Mask label

The Livipro Community Mask from Universal Reusable Packaging GmbH (UNREPA) has successfully passed the tests for the Testex Community Mask label. By  Iris Schlomski

With the Pfaff 4520, engineers and technicians from Pfaff have designed a full-automatic production line (CE compliant) for processing multi-layer disposable masks, which meets the requirements of “German engineering” in a unique way. © Pfaff

26/10/2020 – Wicket 23: Production of multi-layer disposable masks

Wicket 23: Production of multi-layer disposable masks

Pfaff: CE compliant full-automatic mask production unit

High competence in joining textile materials and comprehensive know-how from Pfaff Industrial and KSL are combined in this innovative mask system. By  Iris Schlomski

Ahmed Jahangir, executive Director of Nishat Textile Mills, Karatschi, Pakistan: “The demand for textile masks worldwide will continue even after the pandemic is over.” © Onuchcha/

07/09/2020 – Turning challenges into opportunities

Turning challenges into opportunities

Mask production in the age of Corona – a global view

Many Asian textile and garment suppliers are manufacturing textile masks to meet the robust global demand for masks and protective gowns. By  Manik Mehta, New York

Secure fastening of face shields and face masks – with elastic narrow textiles from Jumbo-Textil. © Jumbo-Textil

14/07/2020 – Elastics for health protection

Elastics for health protection

Jumbo-Textil: Premium narrow textiles for protective masks and face shields

A good part of the orders lost due to the pandemic was compensated by elastic tapes for respiratory protection articles. By  Iris Schlomski