Artist and model Jazzelle Zanaughtti launches Mercedes-Benz’s new ‘How to’ Fashion Story with an interactive event in Oslo. The concept, which focuses on collaboration with young talent, goes hand in hand with the development of Mercedes Benz from a pure automotive company to a provider of multi-layered mobility solutions. © Daimler AG

02/03/2021 – Mobility Turnaround, Part 1

Mobility Turnaround, Part 1

Where can the journey go? An overview

Adidas joins in, Hugo Boss is prepared and Raffaello Rossi is on board when it comes to electric mobility. A report by Yvonne Heinen. By  Editorial staff

Fashion production in Asia: To ensure that human rights are respected in manufacturing, the government coalition is introducing the Supply Chain Act. © terovesalainen/

02/03/2021 – Technology to implement regulations is in place

Technology to implement regulations is in place

Setlog: Supply Chain Act law is long overdue

SCM specialist Setlog is developing a three-phase model to help companies bring transparency to their value chain. By  Iris Schlomski

Mostafiz Uddin: Retail stores in Germany have been closed for ten weeks since December 14. Retail store closures have a serious impact on factories in developing countries like Bangladesh and their millions of poor workers. © Bangladesh Denim Expo

02/03/2021 – Bangladesh: Germany is the 2nd largest export destination

Bangladesh: Germany is the 2nd largest export destination

Mostafiz Uddin: An Open Letter to the German Government

The impact of the lockdown for Bangladesh’s garment industry. An open letter from a manufacturer to German government by Mostafiz Uddin. By  Editorial staff

In the context of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), textile network will report throughout 2021 on topics important to the textile and clothing industry, including innovations (in fibres, yarns, textile surfaces, technologies), research, textiles and clothing, digitalisation, industry 4.0,... Always up to date! © j-mel/

23/02/2021 – Editorial


Keeping the future in our sights

The world is still firmly in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, with many in the thick of it, battling against the crippling effects of the lockdown. By  Iris Schlomski

textile network as part of its research into the upcoming change in mobility, had the opportunity to test a number of electric cars in the power category! Test report of the EQC4 Matic by Mercedes. © Daimler

22/02/2021 – Pure pleasure

Pure pleasure

textile network reader service: The EQC 4Matic by Mercedes

Yvonne Heinen tested for textile network a number of electric cars in the power category as part of the research into the upcoming change in mobility. By  Editorial staff

Lectra is offering three interesting free webinars in week 8, February 23–25, on Workwear, Activewear, and Formalwear segments. © Lectra

19/02/2021 – Webinars from 23 to 25 February 2021

Webinars from 23 to 25 February 2021

Lectra: Three webinars free of charge to important themes of the branch

From February 23 to 25, there will be three interesting webinars on the important industry topics of workwear, activewear and formalwear. Participation ... By  Iris Schlomski