Imprint designs on multiple fabrics at the push of a button: Global online fashion retailer and UK supplier teaming with Kornit for adoption of efficient, low-impact direct-to-fabric digital textile printing with zero water waste and accelerated production speeds. © Kornit

14/05/2021 – Sustainable on-demand textile production

Sustainable on-demand textile production

Asos and Fashion-Enter Ltd. rely on Kornit Digital

Efficient, low-impact direct-to-fabric digital textile printing with zero water waste and accelerated production speeds. By  Editorial staff

© Squaredpixels

11/05/2021 – Advert


Carbon and Water footprint by OEKO-TEX®

With the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, over 100 fashion brands have committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. ... By  Editorial staff

Whether fashion or in the vehicle, whether uniforms or sports equipment. Information about the height, weight and girth of the Chinese population is very helpful to produce products that really fit the customers. © Avalution

11/05/2021 – A new size survey project

A new size survey project

Avalution: SizeWorld China

Differentiated by age, gender and region, thousands of people in China will be measured in specific postures using 3D body scanners. By  Editorial staff

Euratex welcomes the initiative, including the focus on 14 “eco-systems” and the proposal to develop privileged partnerships with trusted partners. © PhotoSG/

07/05/2021 – Europa


Euratex welcomes the EU-Strategy

Euratex, organization of the European textile and clothing industry, welcomes revamped EU Industry Strategy. By  Editorial staff

Kornit: Vivi Bellaish by Natan Dvir © Kornit

The Fashion and Retail industries are constantly shifting and changing. Still, recent transformations – some caused by the pandemic and others born more ... By  Editorial staff

Céline Abecassis-Moedas. Her appointment to Lectra’s Board of Directors is intended in particular to strengthen the Strategy Committee, which will deal with an increasing number of investment projects in innovative companies and the further development of Industrie 4.0 offerings. © Lectra

At Lectra’s extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, held on April 30, members voted to appoint Céline Abecassis-Moedas as the new independent director. By  Editorial staff

Upcoming megatrends © Texulting based on EEA, The European environment — state and outlook 2015: Synthesis report, European Environment Agency

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Texulting: Megatrends and textile chances

The world is undergoing change in all areas. Especially now, industry and society are becoming aware of the limits of global economic flows and the rapid ... By  Editorial staff