Digital Transformation: The majority of respondents have recognised the need to quickly drive forward the digital transformation of the supply chain. Now it is time to actively enter the process in order to secure their own agility and future viability in the long term. © Hermes Gruppe

02/06/2021 – Digitalisation of the supply chain

Digitalisation of the supply chain

14th Hermes Barometer: Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management

Every second logistics manager believes that the corona pandemic is driving supply chain digitization, but this is happening slowly. By  Editorial staff

Daniel Harari, Chairman and CEO of Lectra: “We will now be in an even better position to support our customers throughout the world in accelerating the digital transformation of their operations.” © Lectra

02/06/2021 – The acquisition is completed

The acquisition is completed

Lectra and Gerber Technology become one

The combination of the two companies will give rise to a leading global player in Industry 4.0 for the fashion, automotive and furniture markets. By  Editorial staff

Customer Portal Sewing – a digital world full of possibilities © Groz-Beckert

With the Customer Portal Sewing, Groz-Beckert is fulfilling unspoken customer wishes. Of course, the Customer Portal is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ... By  Editorial staff

According to figures collected and compiled by the Edana secretariat, production of nonwovens in Greater Europe grew by 7.2 percent in 2020 to reach 3,075,615 tonnes (and 85.9 billion square metres) with a total estimated turnover of 9,555 million euro. The total output of the 27 European Union countries is now over 2.15 million tonnes. © Edana

24/05/2021 – Nonwovens


Edana: Growth in nonwovens continues

European nonwoven production grows by over 7 percent to exceed 3 million tonnes in 2020. By  Editorial staff

Eterna customers benefit directly from the innovations – from product selection in the shop to delivery as well as transparency in the overall process. © Eterna

19/05/2021 – Digitalization


Xalution supports the long-established Eterna

The Xalution Group supports Eterna in its digitalization – in only six months to the first go-live of the Tech Stack project. A field report. By  Editorial staff

The 60th anniversary of the Dornbirn GFC Congress will only take place virtually this year due to Corona. © GFC/Kirstin Toedtling

19/05/2021 – 60th birthday only virtual

60th birthday only virtual

60th Dornbirn GFC 2021, September 15–17 Webinar Week

A wide range of services will be offered to participants on the interactive platform of the Dornbirn GFC in fall 2021. By  Editorial staff