Julien Born, CEO The Lycra Company (left): “The collaboration is based on a strong foundation of common values and philosophies shared by our two companies.” Carlo Centonze, CEO HeiQ Group (right): “This collaboration with The Lycra Company not only brings the best minds together but also ensures our breakthrough innovations will be available for and benefit as many consumers as possible.” © HeiQ

27/07/2021 – Stretch, comfort and sustainability

Stretch, comfort and sustainability

Collaboration between HeiQ and Lycra

HeiQ and The Lycra Company have entered into a broad-based collaboration across multiple technology and brand platforms. By  Sibylle Michel

The selected applications will receive a financial support of 12,000 EUR. In addition the beneficiaries will have access to mentoring, as well as training and workshops in which best practices to be implemented throughout the value chain will be shared. © Circoax

27/07/2021 – Supporting SMEs and start-ups in the circular economy

Supporting SMEs and start-ups in the circular economy

Call for the European accelerator CirCoAX

The participation in this accelerator gives SMEs and start-ups the opportunity to set themselves up as benchmark projects on a European scale. By  Editorial staff

The current annual report of the Bremen Cotton Exchange is now available in German. The English version will be available from the end of August 2021. © Cotton Australia/Paul Beiboer

19/07/2021 – Exceptional Year 2020

Exceptional Year 2020

Annual Report of the Bremen Cotton Exchange

The annual report 2020 of the Bremen Cotton Exchange is now available in German. The report focuses on the production, trade and processing of cotton. By  Sibylle Michel

Coloreel is part of the movement to reduce waste and move the textile industry towards more sustainable production. By coloring the thread directly, there is no wastewater, hence no water pollution. © Coloreel

16/07/2021 – Encouragement for action 2021

Encouragement for action 2021

Coloreel is nominated

Coloreel Group AB has been nominated for the prestigious Encouragement for action 2021 award in the category of Fashion innovation. By  Editorial staff

According to a Smithers Report, about 500,000 tons of petroleum-based fibers are used each year for the production of wipes. (Smithers Report “The Future of Global Nonwoven Wipes to 2023”, 2018) © Lenzing

15/07/2021 – Fight against plastic waste

Fight against plastic waste

Lenzing supports EU guideline

Lenzing welcomes the uniform labelling obligation for wipes and feminine hygiene products containing plastics, which has been in effect since July 3, ... By  Sibylle Michel

Yoshiro Nagafusa, new Europe President at Epson: “I look forward to leading our European operations as we work to reduce the impact Epson products and services and supply chains have on the environment.” © Epson

08/07/2021 – Agenda Sustainability and enriching communities

Agenda Sustainability and enriching communities

New appointed Europe President at Epson

Yoshiro Nagafusa is the new Europe President at Epson since April 1, 2021. He welcomes the technology firm’s sustainability-focused vision for the future. By  Editorial staff

As the new US CEO at Setlog, Niklas Kirwel reports to the Board of Directors in New York and the Executive Board of Setlog AG at the headquarters in Bochum, Germany. © Setlog

08/07/2021 – Back to the roots

Back to the roots

Setlog: Niklas Kirwel becomes new US CEO

Niklas Kirwel took over the North American operations as CEO on July 1. Ralf Duester, former US CEO, is appointed as Chairman of the Board. By  Sibylle Michel