17/06/2024 – Fabric quality control

Ardmel Group launches first-of-its-kind textile testing technology

The Scottish-based machinery specialist, Ardmel Group, has announced the development of its innovative textile testing technology, “The Comparator” which allows fabrics to be tested in true-to-life conditions for the first time.


“The AATCC T-214 Comparator” is a new test method for the measurement of condensation on textiles in a humid microclimate. © Ardmel Group


Ardmel, which has developed, designed, and manufactured specialist engineering technology and consumables for over 50 years, is set to launch “The Comparator” this summer. Engineers at Ardmel Group, have worked to construct the new technology that is set to revolutionise the textile industry and provide real-world fabric testing.

Introduction of “The Comparator” comes at a time of transformation in the textile industry, “The Comparator” is the first test method which will allow brands to identify how their fabrics perform in wet and dry conditions, offering a truer demonstration of a real-life environment. This new textile technology will test to the AATCC TM214 method, allowing brands to improve garment performance by measuring condensation created by the microclimate of the textile, which was not possible previously.

Arlene Kidd, Director, Ardmel Group said: “We are truly excited to launch ‘The Comparator’ and bring a revolutionary testing technology to the market and achieve what has not been possible before. Currently the standard test method is carried out in dry conditions similar to the Sahara Desert, not really the conditions for when you would look to wear a waterproof, breathable jacket. Brands will now be able to effectively test materials to the AATCC TM214 test method and fully understand the performance of the fabrics they use by measuring condensation.

This is a huge step forward for the textile industry as it is the first time we can see how garments really perform when we wear them in real-life scenarios. Ultimately this will result in more suitable fabric choices by brands, and better-performing garments for consumers.”

Ardmel Group are specialist engineers and manufacturers for the clothing, electronics and motorcar industries, best known for the award-winning ultrasonic bonding machines, tape sealing machines, and testing equipment consumables which can be found in over 70 countries across the globe.

The Comparator will be on show at the Outdoor Trade Show in Liverpool on the 18th – 20th June 2024, and full details of the technology can be found over at Ardmel.com.

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