22/12/2023 – Groz-Beckert

Best practice for needle management

Groz-Beckert`s INH (Ideal Needle Handling) quality management system is said to be a proven and trusted solution for the intricate needle-handling challenges in the sewing industry.


The main element of INH is the needle dispensing trolley. © Groz-Beckert


“INH@site” app – for the digital documentation of all needle changes. © Groz-Beckert


Designed to meet compliance regulations, it streamlines the process of managing sewing machine needles in production plants. Its standout feature is the reduction of the risk associated with end users being injured by fragments of broken needles left in garments. The INH system comprises a needle dispensing trolley equipped with tools for handling needles, as well as a needle return box for collecting broken and damaged needles. Needle changes are documented using the “INH@site” app installed on a tablet attached to the trolley. This digital solution allows for photographing and documenting used and broken needles, with the data transmitted to the “INH@office” browser application for access, viewing, and managing relevant data, including production orders, sewing lines, and machine inventory, and facilitating online buyer audits. Companies like Speidel (Germany) and DoLuong (Vietnam) have reaped the benefits of INH like reducing downtime, conserving resources, and enhancing safety while building stronger relationships with buyers.