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Expert Talk: “Impulses for a new work environment”

The Expert Talk at the trade fair in Messe Düsseldorf, Hall 15, opened with resounding success. Esteemed decision-makers and media representatives joined in the discussion, led by Stern TV presenter, Dieter Könnes. The central theme of the day was “Impulses for the New Work Environment”. The event highlighted how recent challenges have fundamentally reshaped the work landscape for companies and employees, with further transformations on the horizon.


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Lars Wismer (right), Director A+A, opened the discussion via screen. © Meisenbach GmbH

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Dr. Urs Schneider from Fraunhofer IPA emphasized the significance of addressing complaints related to the back and shoulders during physical work and desk jobs. He unveiled futuristic ergonomic tools like exoskeletons and softsuits designed to enhance worker comfort and safety. His colleague, Dr. Joerg Castor, Project Manager Workspace Innovation, outlined the future of work, advocating for flexible hours, agile structures, flat hierarchies, and hybrid work models to foster greater flexibility, self-determination, and meaningfulness in the workplace. Thomas Kuhn, a technology reporter from WirschaftsWoche, delved into the concept of “Digital Disruption”, emphasizing how digital innovations and artificial intelligence are poised to revolutionize traditional markets, replacing existing products and services.

Occupational health and safety measures must be tightened and continuously monitored to ensure worker safety. Companies need to integrate sustainable practices into their business models and actively engage in environmental protection and social responsibility”, were two of the key messages from Henk Vanhoutte, PPE expert, lobbyist, standardisation expert, HVC project manager, Secretary General European Safety Federation.

Dr. Verena Ziegler, founder and CEO of Beawear, highlighted the critical importance of well-fitting work clothes, underscoring that ill-fitting attire can pose safety risks. “Only one in three garments fits; work clothes that don't fit are a safety hazard”, the expert warned. The return costs of online clothing store would be around 1.3b euros in Germany alone, up to 20% fashion waste and over 200,000 t of CO2 emissions.

Ralf Moeller, the renowned Mister Universe, and Hans Schäfer Workwear, initiated “Motivation Craftsmanship” to address the shortage of skilled workers, inspiring the youth to embrace skilled trades and promoting vocational education.

Lars Wismer, Director A+A, expressed his enthusiasm for the insightful discussions that offered valuable perspectives for companies to prepare for forthcoming challenges.

You can watch the talk in German here.