Survey 2024

Survey 2024 - Industry outlook

According to the ifo Institute, the German textile and fashion industry is in the middle of a recession. How do the key players in the industry assess the situation? What are their expectations for 2024? And which innovations and technologies do they think will be decisive? textile network asked.

An overview of statements from the industry:


Andreas Merkel. © Gebr. Otto Baumwollfeinzwirnerei GmbH + Co. KG

25/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

Gebr. Otto Baumwollfeinzwirnerei GmbH + Co. KG

The start of the new year 2024 has been rough. The stocks in the textile pipeline, all the way to the retail stores, are still available in larger quantities.We ... Assessment by Andreas Merkel

Claudio Bertolotti © Mesdan S.p.A.

21/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

Mesdan S.p.A.

2024 is expected to be a difficult year for the textile industry and consequently for the textile machine manufacturers. The general economic indicators ... Assessment by Claudio Bertolotti

Owner and managing director, Michaela Schenk. © MAWA GmbH

19/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024


I expect the market to stagnate in 2024 and that there will be no growth movement compared to 2023. We will be lucky if we remain at last year´s level. ... Assessment by Michaela Schenk

CEO, Dr. Timo Hammer. © Hohenstein

14/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG

I am convinced that the textile industry, like every other industry, will be dealing intensively with the topic of artificial intelligence this year. No ... Assessment by Dr. Timo Hammer

Stephan Gunold © Gunold GmbH

14/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

Gunold GmbH

If 2024 turns out like 2023, then we will be very happy!Everyone is talking about AI – in the textile world, we have not seen much it yet, perhaps not ... Assessment by Stephan Gunold

CEO, Philipp Gottstein. © Gottstein GmbH & Co. KG

14/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

Gottstein GmbH & Co. KG

Currently, we are experiencing a tense situation in trade, which also affects the order intake for us as a company producing in Austria. Retail sales are ... Assessment by Philipp Gottstein

CEO, Harald Reisinger. © Green Workwear GmbH

14/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

Green Workwear GmbH

The Green Button 2.0 with its stricter requirements will also drive the trend towards sustainable fibres in the clothing sector. RFID technology will continue ... Assessment by Harald Reisinger

Assistant to the management, Johannes Freund. © Bitzer + Single GmbH

14/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

Bitzer + Single GmbH

Our expectations for 2024 at Bitzer + Single are manifold! The signs are pointing towards consolidation and the expansion of further business areas.In ... Assessment by Johannes Freund

Managing Partner, Mark Bezner. © Olymp Bezner KG

22/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

Olymp Bezner KG

2024 will be another brutal year, full of challenges for the fashion industry. We can also expect a further market shakeout on both the manufacturing and ... Assessment by Mark Bezner

CEO Michael Nothelfer © caddon GmbH

07/03/2024 – Survey 2024

Survey 2024

caddon GmbH

Expectations vary greatly depending on the industry in question. Some sectors, such as the decor industry, are increasingly investing in digitalization, ... Assessment by Michael Nothelfer